Schlock-Wire: Scream Factory Gets Weird In January With SONNY BOY On Blu-Ray

Fans of cultish celluloid ephemera, pencil the last week of January in on your 2016 calendar because Scream Factory will be releasing one of the most off-beat films in their catalog with Sonny Boy. This hard-to-categorize film is a story of crime and a bizarre family that doubles as an allegory about the dangers of child abuse. It’s also got a one-of-a-kind cast: Paul L. Smith, Brad Dourif and David Carradine playing a role in drag!. Read on for all the surreal shocker details, including details on the new extras this title will have on its first-ever U.S. blu-ray…


Bring Home the Provocative Thriller January 26th, 2016

from Scream Factory

SonnyB-bluA wickedly off-beat tale of family love gone berserk, the provocative cult classic Sonny Boy makes its home entertainment debut on January 26th 2016 from Scream Factory.  Featuring a shattering, unforgettable performance from David Carradine (Kill Bill) and powerful supporting turns from  Paul L. Smith (Midnight Express, Crimewave) and Brad Dourif (Child’s Play, The Exorcist III), Sonny Boy features the unrated cut and comes loaded with bonus features, including a new audio commentary with director Robert Martin Carroll, new audio commentary with writer Graeme Whifler, a digital file of the first draft of the script, and the original theatrical trailer. Fans can pre-order their copies now by visiting


In a remote desert town, a psychopathic petty crook (Smith) and his transvestite girlfriend (Carradine) kidnap an orphaned infant, cage it like an animal, and train it to steal and kill on their command. Years later, when the half-wild Sonny Boy escapes and embarks on a bloody rampage, the couple’s monstrous attempt at “child development” provokes the local populace into vengeful retaliation. Unlike any film you’ve ever seen, Sonny Boy is an unsettling, wildly bizarre allegory on the devastating effects of child abuse and the violent consequences that follow.


Sonny Boy Bonus Features

  • NEW audio commentary with director Robert Martin Carroll
  • NEW audio commentary with writer Graeme Whifler
  • Script – 1st draft (accessible via BD-Rom)
  • Theatrical Trailer


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