Schlock-Wire: Check Out (And Vote For) Shade Rupe’s T IS FOR TRICK In THE ABC’S OF DEATH Contest

If you haven’t checked it out yet, Alamo Drafthouse’s The ABC’s Of Death contest is really heating up with a variety of entries.  Shade Rupe, author of Dark Stars Rising, has recently added his own entry into the running.  It has gotten accolades from no less a genre titan than Clive Barker (his quote on the film: “An elegantly shot, sharply edited, and strongly conceived and directed four minutes of film-making. Colour me impressed.”).  Shade has kindly provided Schlockmania with a few words about his film and how to check it out, which are presented below.  Read on for all the NYC-style nightmare details…

A Message From Shade Rupe:

Hey film friends! I just entered Drafthouse Films’ THE ABCs OF DEATH short film contest with my entry “T IS FOR TRICK.” There are 26 directors doing all 26 letters of the alphabet and they left the letter T open for the contest. We get points for votes and the top ten voted go to the next level. If you’d enjoyed some of the work I’ve done before and have four minutes to take a look, here’s the link, and the voting button is in the upper right. A confirmation email is sent back which has a link which must be clicked to confirm the vote. And the rules allow voting without watching if you feel like offering support but find it hard to find time to watch the film.

If this feels interesting enough for a story I published Funeral Party in 1995, Funeral Party 2 in 1997, and Dark Stars Rising in 2011. This summer I directed the home video version of Teller of Penn & Teller’s off-Broadway show PLAY DEAD (, and am currently handling the national theatrial release of Howard J. Ford’s THE DEAD, opening in Los Angeles Friday Oct. 7 and New York Oct. 14 with over 60 other screens booked in major cities throughout the month, in addition to handling publicity for Synapse Films. I’ve made a few shorts before including Self-Immomulsion (NYUFF 1994, CUFF 1994), penisknifevaginawound (CUFF 1997; and was the popular vote winner for the Kuchar brothers IT CAME FROM KUCHAR contest in 2009 with Whimsellica’s Grand Inheritance ( I produced and programmed the Deep Red International Festival of Fantastic Film in Portland and Seattle in 2009 (featuring Frank Henenlotter’s BAD BIOLOGY, David Gregory’s PLAGUE TOWN, and Jonathan Lewis’ BLACK DEVIL DOLL), the 26th Olympia Film Festival in 2009 (, and the SHOWWX Film Festival at Sundance 2010 which was written up in Wired (

My film is T IS FOR TRICK:

Hope you enjoy!


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