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Here’s some exciting news for fans of regional genre fare: ’80s/’90s-era exploitation filmmaker Bret McCormick has returned to his roots to write Texas Schlock, a survey of b-movie filmmaking in the Lone Star state from the ’50s to the present.  In addition to making his own films, including the VHS era fave The Abomination, he was also friendly with local filmmakers like S.F. Brownrigg and Larry Buchanan, who are just two of the filmmakers covered in this book’s pages.  Read on for all the schlock-slinging details from the author himself…



03/19/2018 Dallas, Texas

Texas Schlock: B-Movie Sci-Fi and Horror from the Lone Star State is an amusing and informative survey of super low-budget genre films produced in Texas from the 1950s through the present. Author, Bret McCormick, was acquainted with most of the filmmakers presented in Texas Schlock, so the book is as much memoir as it is history. Between 1984 and 1996, McCormick was responsible for bringing 20+ of his own B-movie creations to home video screens, so he’s intimately familiar with the subject matter.

Larry Buchanan, S.F. Brownrigg, Tom Moore, Glen Coburn and Terry Lofton are just a few of the well-known exploitation auteurs whose works are examined in Texas Schlock. Films with titles like The Naked Witch, Don’t Look In the Basement and Bloodsuckers from Outer Space are lovingly examined in the book’s 275 pages.

Advance praise for the book has been very positive.

“It’s fun, factual and funky! A must for regional schlock buffs.”

– Michael Baldwin, author of Passing Strange and Lone Star Heart

“Texas Schlock is an essential guide to a fascinating, overlooked region of cult cinema. Author Bret McCormick knows this territory inside and out, writing not only as a fan but as a film-maker himself. McCormick perfectly captures the crackpot appeal of low-budget classics like Zontar the Thing from Venus and rounds up an amazing rogue’s gallery of schlockmeisters to tell their behind-the-scenes tales. If you love B-movies, you need this book right now!”

David Szulkin, author of Last House on the Left: The Making of a Cult Classic

The official launch date for Texas Schlock is April 6, 2018. The author will be present to promote the book at the Dallas Horror and Sci-Fi Fan Expo in Dallas April 6-8 and at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas May 4 – 6.

The link below to a Texas Monthly article provides additional background information on McCormick’s filmmaking career.

For More information, contact Bret McCormick at or 817-217-1459.   Photos and review copies available on request.


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