Schlock-Wire: Canadian Power-Trio Triumph Will Unleash GREATEST HITS REMIXED CD/DVD Set In May

Here’s some good news for hard-rock fans familiar with the old-school Canadian music scene: Triumph (Canada’s other part-prog, part-heavy power trio) is releasing a new greatest hits sound package that has been remixed for modern ears by a veteran who has worked with their fellow countrymen, Rush.  For those who don’t know the group, Triumph offered a more straightforward, party-hearty version of the tricky arena rock that Geddy Lee and company were known for.  They were mainstays of early MTV and recorded a few classic beloved to AOR fans (Allied Forces is the all-time classic).  This deluxe package also includes a DVD and looks to be worthwhile for both old fans and new acquaintances.  Keep reading for all the arena-rocking details…

Frontiers Records To Release Greatest Hits Remixed CD/DVD Package In Europe

TRIUMPH, the legendary Canadian Hard Rock trio formed by Gil Moore (drums and vocals), Mike Levine (bass and keyboards) and Rik Emmett (guitars and vocals) are releasing in Europe on Frontiers Records the newest Greatest Hits compilation package on CD and DVD appropriately titled Greatest Hits Remixed.

The two-disc set, which will be in the shops on May 14, includes a hit-laden 14 track CD, which was remixed by Rich Chycki (Aerosmith, Rush), giving the songs an incredible sonic wallop. A previously unreleased recording of “Love Hurts” will be the new lead single.

The DVD features 11 promo and live videos in widescreen filmed over Triumph’s career, as well five bonus features, including three more unreleased videos (“Child of the City,” “Blinding Light Show” and “Love Hurts”) and footage of Triumph’s induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2008.

“We have been planning this release forever,” says Mike Levine. “For years, Triumph fans have been demanding that we give them a fresh greatest hits package and they are going to love this one.”

The six-panel digipak will also include a 20 page full colour booklet, complete with liner notes, lyrics, credits and chockfull of vintage photos and will most certainly be a hit with Triumph’s consistent legion of fans.

Triumph pushed the limits of Arena Rock to the max with their legendary live shows and virtuoso playing. Add to it some of the most recognizable and celebrated radio classics (“Lay It On The Line”, “Hold On”, “Fight The Good Fight” and “Magic Power”), a vault full of gold and platinum sales awards for their ten studio albums and there you have one of the most successful rock acts of the 1970‘s/1980’s

And now, fans both new and old will have the opportunity to discover/re-discover Triumph, with the all killer/no filler Greatest Hits Remixed.

Frontiers looks forward to work with Triumph and plans more surprises for the fans of this amazing band!

Track listing for ‘Greatest Hits: Remixed’ CD:

1. Allied Forces

2. Lay it On The Line

3. Follow Your Heart

4. Magic Power

5. I Live For the Weekend

6. Hold On

7. Just One Night

8. Fight the Good Fight

9. Spellbound

10. Never Surrender

11. When the Lights Go Down

12. Somebody’s Out There

13. Rock and Roll Machine

14. Love Hurts

Track listing for ‘Greatest Hits: Remixed’ DVD:

1. Follow Your Heart

2. Lay it On The Line

3. Spellbound

4. Magic Power

5. When the Lights Go Down

6. Hold On

7. Just One Night

8. Somebody’s Out There

9. Allied Forces

10. Never Surrender

11. Never Say Never

Bonus Videos:

1. Child of the City

2. Blinding Light Show (Bootleg: Filmed on Fan Cam )

3. Love Hurts

5 Replies to “Schlock-Wire: Canadian Power-Trio Triumph Will Unleash GREATEST HITS REMIXED CD/DVD Set In May”

  1. Well, I like Triumph more than Rush! I like my music more pop and less “musician-oriented”, so I enjoy things like Follow your heart or Magic Power. And less irritating vocals. In fact my fav is Thunder Seven, Killing Time is a great.

  2. Comparing Rush to Triumph is apples and oranges. Both killer bands in thier own right…but totally different. A Triumph reunion tour would be amazing….and sold out !!

    1. I guess it’s a matter of personal perspective – both are power trios, both had an artsy edge but Triumph is definitely the more “meat and potatoes rock” proposition. However they might be categorized, I enjoy both.

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