Schlock-Wire: Go Analog With Shout Factory TV’s VHS VAULT PART 2: REVENGE OF THE CASSETTE

Shout! Factory TV proudly presents a #ThrowbackThursday of epic proportions! We’re being kind and rewinding you back to the days of VHS once again for the VHS Vault Part 2: Revenge of the Cassette.


It’s no secret VHS aficionados love a good sequel, so we’re bringing you more VHS rips of nostalgic films. But this isn’t some lame sequel that can’t recapture the glory of the original, VHS Vault Part 2 is one of those rare, kick-ass, even-better-than-the-original sequels!

Flash back to the glory days of home video as Shout! Factory TV presents the VHS versions of BMX Bandits, Dreamscape, The Kentucky Fried Movie, Naked Angels and Streetwalkin’, all streaming free. Plus, watch the video store throwback movie A Real Job, streaming for the first time.

This blast from the blast comes complete with a throwback website for your viewing pleasure. All films will be streaming for free on Shout! Factory TV, no rewinding or VHS player required! Fans can also watch the VHS Vault Part 2 block on on desktop, tablet and mobile, and on Shout! Factory TV’s apps on the Roku player, Amazon Fire and Samsung smart TVs.


VHSVault2-01BMX Bandits

Nicole Kidman stars in the raddest thing since Excitebike, BMX Bandits! When they find some state-of-the-art walkie-talkies, Kidman and her friends also find trouble in the form of bank robbers…And the result is pure awesomeness!


Hollywood up-and-comer Dennis Quaid stars in Dreamscape, a movie about a psycho psychic murdering people in their dreams! We’d be stoked to see a slasher movie franchise where people get murdered in their dreams. Maybe someday!

The Kentucky Fried Movie

Young director John Landis directs this boss sketch-comedy film spoofing many of your favorite film genres like kung fu, Blaxploitation and more. Written by the new comedic team of Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker, The Kentucky Fried Movie hints at great things to come from these comedic minds.

VHSVault2-03Naked Angels

Revenge + motorcycle gangs = excellent! Yuppies should hide their kids from this gnarly tale of outlaw bikers from Roger Corman. Hells Angels actually consulted on the film, so you know it’s not lame.


Melissa Leo plays “Cookie,” a girl who goes straight from high school into the world of prostitution in Streetwalkin’. Cookie has to answer to her sadistic, murderous pimp Duke, and you just know some grody stuff is going to go down.

A Real Job

The only thing better than working in a video store is love, and in A Real Job, John St. Clair trades his VHS tapes for a suit and tie in order to impress his new girlfriend. But what will he do when his new job threatens his old video store? Nothing could ever take down VHS, but you’ll suspend your disbelief while watching this great movie!


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