Schlock-Wire: Horror Zine History XEROX FEROX Is Available From Headpress

Horror fan’s who came of age during the ’80s and ’90s, take note: Headpress has just published a monumental history of the horror zine scene from this era entitled Xerox Ferox.  It’s the brainchild of John Szpunar that covers the complex, 800-page history of zine publishing in the horror scene via a series of profiles and interviews.  Popular scene fixtures like Stephen Bissette, Jimmy McDonough, Robin Bougie and “Uncle” Bob Martin are just a few of the contributors to its pages.  Xerox Ferox is available in paperback and a limited edition hardback that can only be obtained from Headpress itself.  Read on for all the horrific historical details, including a full list of its contents and a sneak peek at the introduction…


The Wild World of the Horror Film Fanzine

Stunning 800 page special edition
hardback exclusive

Only from Headpress

John Szpunar’s XEROX FEROX is the first book to cover the horror film fanzines and the culture they spawned.

From Famous Monsters of Filmland to Fangoria… and everything in between, XEROX FEROX is much more than a book about monster magazines. It is the first book of its kind to examine the home-grown DIY fanzines that dared to dig deeper than the slick and shiny newsstand mags ever would… or indeed even could.

The titles were as lurid as the films that they covered. Gore Gazette. Deep Red. Sleazoid Express. Before message boards, before blogs, before the Internet itself, the fanzine reigned as the chief source of news and information for horror fans worldwide. Often printed on the cheap and sold for the price of postage, madcap mags like Slimetime, The Splatter Times, Shock Xpress, and Subhuman traveled the globe, creating a thriving network of fans and professionals alike.

XEROX FEROX traces the rise of the horror film fanzine, from the Famous Monster-starved kids of the 1960s to the splatter-crazed gorehounds of the Fangoria generation. Featuring in-depth interviews with fifty writers, editors, and industry pros, XEROX FEROX is the final word on an era that changed the world of fandom forever…

XEROX FEROX is the first title to cover the horror film fanzine phenomenon and culture in encyclopedic depth. The book also contains lengthy chapters that deal with the New York zine scene and the hub of its grindhouse activity, Times Square. In many ways, the book works as time capsule of that era—writers and filmmakers including Jimmy McDonough, Bill Landis, Mike McPadden, Steve Puchalski, Roy Frumkes, and Buddy Giovinazzo share their memories of the movie houses of Forty Second Street—and the dangers that were encountered while visiting them. Not limited to New York City, XEROX FEROX also concentrates on the drive-in theaters of the south. Other topics discussed include commercial Super-8 horror films of the 1960s and 1970s, the home video revolution of the 1980s, regional exploitation films, low budget filmmaking, and of course, self publishing, networking, and distribution.

800 pages, fully illustrated throughout.

Cover artwork by STEPHEN R. BISSETTE

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Sample excerpt – the Introduction:

Interviews in XEROX FEROX

Steve Bissette: There and back again

Bhob Stewart: of Fandom and Frankenstein…

Gary Svehla: Gore Creature!

David Szurek: The Szurek Zone

Richard Klemensen: Little Shoppe of Horrors (by David Kerekes)

Uncle Bob Martin: Enter Fangoria

Bill Landis & Michelle Clifford: Watch your Wallets

and stay out of the bathroom! (by Jan Bruun)

Jimmy McDonough: All Aboard the Night Train!

David Szulkin: Szulkin Sez…

Jim Morton: Incredibly Strange Culture

Tim Mayer: Fear of Darkness (by Chris Poggiali)

Richard Green: Confessions of a Trash Fiend

Donald Farmer: The Splatter Times

Tim Ferrante: Drive-In Madness

Chas. Balun: A Deeper Shade of Red

Tom Skulan: The FantaCo Man

Graham Rae: Trans-atlantic Terror Tales

Dennis Daniel: “Here’s blood in your eye!”

Kris Gilpin: Shit Flick Serenade!

Greg Goodsell: Fanzine Babylon

Cecil Doyle: Subhuman!

Nick Cato: The Yak Talks Back!

Jim Whiting: Slaughterhouse

Tim Paxton: Monster International!

Ant Timpson: Violent Leisure!

Michael Helms: Fatal Visions

David Nolte: Crimson Celluloid

Michael Gingold: Scareaphanalia!

Stefan Jaworzyn: Theme from Shock Xpress (by David Kerekes)

Nigel Burrell: Midnight Musings

Steve Green: Fanzine Focus (by David Kerekes)

Nathan Miner: Bits n Pieces (by Chris Poggiali)

Keith Crocker: Exploitation Journal

Shane M Dallmann: Hand it to Remo!

Tim Lucas: The Watchdog Barks!

Chris Poggiali: Temple of Schlock

Steve Puchalski: Slimetime

Charles Kilgore: The Ecco Chamber

Mike McPadden: All’s Swell in Happyland

Shawn “Smith” Lewis: Devil Dolls and Blackest Hearts!

Andy Copp: Neon Madness

Scott Gabbey & Art Ettinger: Ultra Violent!

Robin Bougie: Cinema Sewer

Dave Kosanke: Liquid Cheese

Jim VanBebber: Monster Kid, second generation

Roy Frumkes: Frumkes on Fanzines

Buddy Giovinazzo: A Few Words from Buddy G…

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