Schlock-Wire: Check Out (And Vote On) Jack Perez And Ryan Levin’s New Short, T IS FOR TANTRUM

Just passing on new about a new short film available online from a friend of Schlockmania.  Jack Perez and writer Ryan Levin, the same team that assembled current festival fave Some Guy Who Kills People, have created an entry for the Alamo Drafthouse’s ABC’S Of Death contest.  It is entitled T Is For Tantrum and it exploits childhood fears in a clever, consise manner.  If you like what you see, you can help the filmmakers out by voting to earn it a place in the ABC’S Of Death lineup.

To check out the short, click on this link:

If you want to vote for it, click on the following link for a brief registration process (to keep you updated on the contest results) and make your vote:

And if T Is For Tantrum appeals to your macabre fancy, be sure to check out Schlockmania’s prior reports on the doings of Mr. Perez and Mr. Levin.

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