Towards A New Schlockmania…

Greetings from the land of blogger burnout.  It’s home to many an ex-blogger who either outgrew their online ambitions or simply just lost steam and faded out.

Schlockmania hasn’t thrown in the towel… but it leans more towards the latter of the above two options.  The workload got too intense for what was originally designed to be a fun self-promotional venture and the feedback just didn’t live up to the effort poured in.  Being on promo lists was great but hustling to keep up with those obligations becomes a grind when you feel like that’s all you’re doing…  and you’re just one of several dozen blogs doing the same exact thing.  Why should you get feedback if you’re just covering the same beat as everyone else?

That said, Schlockmania was never as abandoned as it has seemed the last few months.  After taking time off for an extended breather and some other, more “real life”-driven pursuits, a plan began to take shape in its own humble manner and on its own timetable.

The simple version: get back to the roots.  What that means is a return to a curated approach instead of “new release” coverage, more entries about print and music to balance out the film stuff, a leaner writing style devoted to shorter but no less content-rich posts and a less aggressive posting schedule (say, twice a week) so inspiration can be maintained.

If this post happens to find its way into your feed, you’re cordially invited to stick around and see what happens.  Schlockmania will try to keep things interesting.  Here’s to hoping some beautiful mutations will result that kick out the blogging doldrums for writer and reader alike.


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