Schlock-Wire: Get Two Vintage Issues Of MONSTER! INTERNATIONAL For Just The Cost Of Postage!

The message in the above title is not a misprint: Timothy Paxton, a fixture of the old-school horror ‘zine scene, has unearthed a small cache of Issues 3 and 4 of Monster! International and is selling them to any interested parties.  Even better, he’s letting them go for a song – all the interested buyer has to do is cover the cost of postage.  If you dig ‘zines, this a deal you can’t pass up.  Read on for all the self-published details, direct from Mr. Paxton himself…

A Message From Timothy Paxton:

Monster! International #3 has the ultimate Jose Mojica Marins retrospective (as of 1996), Possession Films, International Monster Movies, and more. #4 is our Highball/Monster! International combo issue that comes with a Man or Astroman? four-song flexi disc, article on sexy monster pulps from the 60s, Jean Rollin interview, and more!

Both issues for $5 PPD or box of 20 (10 each) for $10 or box of 50 (25 each) $15 PPD. All while supplies last! That’s the U.S. rate. Anyone interested can contact me at or pay directly to if they don’t have any questions.  If anyone outside the U.S. is interested in getting these, please send an email first.