As the reviews should have revealed, Your Humble Reviewer is a big fan of the Disco Discharge compilations that were released by Harmless last year in the U.K.  Anyone who has enjoyed these sets will be happy to know another four installements of this series are coming out this year.  The first two arrive in May: Diggin’ Deeper is an all-purpose set of lesser-known dance tracks and European Connection continues the voyage into foreign disco that the series began with Euro Disco.  As with the previous sets, these compilations are remastered from the original masters and highlight a lot of rare 12-inch and album-length versions of these songs.  Read on for all the mirrorball magic…

Disco Discharge: Diggin’ Deeper

Release Date: May 10, 2010

Label: Harmless

Synopsis: The highly acclaimed Disco Discharge is back with 4 more double albums to be released in Spring 2010.

The first instalment is Disco Discharge: Diggin Deeper featuring 20 full length club classics including 5 never before released on CD. Key tracks include the proto disco ‘I’m In Heaven’ by Touch Of Class, the inspired instrumental of Mick Jackson’s ‘Weekend’, The Ritchie Family’s unique take on the easy listening standard ‘Quiet Village’ as well as the full length version of Dan Hartman’s overlooked ‘Countdown/This Is It.’

Also included in this set are the sought after early 80’s cuts ‘Do Your Best’ by Carol Hahn, ‘The Voice Of Q’ by Q and ‘You Set Me On Fire’ by 2wice. Traditional US disco is represented by The Trammps ‘Soul Searchin’ Time’, Constellation Orchestra’s ‘Dancing Angel’ and Freddie James ‘Get Up And Boogie amongst others and if you dig the faster European style look no further than ‘Love Attack’ by Ferrara and the highly sought after ‘Savage Lover’ by The Ring.

Once again sleeve notes are by Alan Jones the co-author of ‘Saturday Night Forever: The Story Of Disco.’

Disc 1

1 – Sticky Fingers – Party Song (Original Album Version) 10.23

2 – The Trammps – Soul Searchin’ Time (Original Album Version) 6.01

3 – Mick Jackson – Weekend (Original 12” Instrumental Mix) 7.11

4 – The Ritchie Family – Quiet Village (Original Album Version) 5.46

5 – Poussez – Never Gonna Say Goodbye (Original 12” Mix) 7.51

6 – Constellation Orchestra – Dancing Angel (Original Album Version) 6.20

7 – USA European Connection – There’s A Way Into My Heart (Original Album Version) 12.06

8 – Wayne St. John – Something’s Up (Love Me Like The First Time) (Original 12” Mix) 6.54

9 – Carol Hahn – Do Your Best (Original 12” Mix) 5.12

10 – Q – The Voice Of Q (Original 12” Mix) 5.14

Disc 2

1 – Touch Of Class – I’m In Heaven (Original 12” Disco Mix) 6.24

2 – Avenue B Boogie Band – Bumper To Bumper (Original 12” Mix) 5.31

3 – 2wice – You Set Me On Fire (Larry Levan 12” Mix) 5.23

4 – Frantique – Getting Serious (Original 12” Mix) 7.51

5 – Freddie James – Get Up And Boogie (Original Album Version) 8.18

6 – Dan Hartman – Countdown/This Is It (Original Full Length 12” Mix) 14.07

7 – John Davis And The Monster Orchestra – Ain’t That Enough For You (Original Album Version) 5.53

8 – Charlie Calello Orchestra – Sing Sing Sing (Original 12” Mix) 6.01

9 – Ferrara – Love Attack (Original 12” Mix) 5.48

10 – The Ring – Savage Lover (Original 12” Long Version Vocal Mix) 6.48

Disco Discharge: European Connection

Release Date: May 24, 2010

Label: Harmless

Synopsis: The second instalment is Disco Discharge: European Connection which features 21 12” or long album versions, a numberof which appear on CD for the first time. Disc 1 covers the Euro Disco explosion of the 70’s and includes stand out tracks ‘Carry On Turn Me On’ by Space, ‘From East To West’ by Voyage and ‘If You weren’t Afraid’ by Euro Disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder as well as the full length version of ‘Sandstorm’ by La Bionda and the undisputed heavyweight Euro disco champion ‘The Hills Of Katmandu’ by Tantra. This one appears here in its full length album version taken from a pristine master source. True Disco heaven!

Disc 2 features 11 Italo disco classics. Key tracks include ‘Special Agent Man’ by Gaz Nevada, ‘You And Me’ by The Funny Twins, the ‘I Feel Love’ inspired ‘Droid’ by Hypnosis as well as the rare full length mix of ‘Walking In The Neon’ by Peter Richard. The international hit ‘I Love My Radio’ by Taffy is included here in its US Remix form and for the first time on CD is the sexy Spanish ‘Amour Suave’ by Isamar & Compania. Also included are the cosmic classics ‘In Spirit’ by Dilemma and ‘Only Music Survives’ by Alba.

Extensive sleeve notes are by Alan Jones the co-author of ‘Saturday Night Forever: The Story Of Disco.’

Disc 1

1 – Space – Carry On, Turn Me On (Original 12” Mix re-mastered) 7.14

2 – Voyage – From East To West (Extended Album Version) 7.04

3 – Caress – Love Spell (Original Album Version) 8.20

4 – The Gibson Brothers – Ooh! What A Life (Original 12” Mix) 5.39

5 – Don Ray – Midnight Madness (Original Album Version) 5.44

6 – Giorgio Moroder – If You Weren’t Afraid (Original Album Version) 5.42

7 – Sylvia Love – Instant Dub (Original 12” B Side Dub Mix) 4.29

8 – Les Models – Don’t Ever (Original Album Version) 6.17

9 – La Bionda – Sandstorm (Original Album Version) 10.17

10 – Tantra – The Hills Of Katmandu (Original Album Version) 16.22

Disc 2

1 – Gaz Nevada – Special Agent Man (Female Version) 7.20

2 – Funny Twins – You And Me (Original 12” Vocal Mix) 5.45

3 – Hot Cold – I Can Hear Your Voice (Original 12” Mix) 5.33

4 – Taffy – I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) (US 12”Remix) 7.07

5 – Vivien Vee – Americano (Original 12” Vocal Mix) 5.43

6 – Hypnosis – Droid (Original 12” Extended Mix) 5.47

7 – Gino Soccio – Remember (Original 12” Mix) 6.33

8 – Peter Richard – Walking In The Neon (Original 12”Club Mix) 8.59

9 – Dilemma – In Spirit (12” Techno Mix) 6.18

10 – Alba – Only Music Survives (12” Mix 1) 7.28

11 – Isamar & Compania – Amour Suave (Hardcore 12” Remix) 5.45

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